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  • Lisa Boore

    Question from a member

    Fuel poverty and what to do about refusals to get gas credit for safety checks to be undertaken, as an authority they are also worried about the possible increase in fuel theft and what and how are others preparing to do about it, especially in the current climate.

    Liam Gatens

    Hi We are finding a increase of Properties are having their gas supply capped due to insufficient credit on the meter or at the request of the tenant. We also have witnessed significant numbers of tampered / bypassed electrical meters which results in the isolation of the supply / Removal of the meter, etc.

    Our procured involves the Housing team initially to support the tenant in engaging with their supplier or ourselves to help them over any barriers. All contact is recorded for audit purposes and involves the tenancy enforcement teams when required.

    Its a difficult and delicate situation where all cases are dynamically assessed and acted upon. Sadly there is no easy procedure and it will get worse over the incoming winter months.

    Once option I will be posting in the forum is if anyone else is looking at any zero or low carbon options to aid the issue?

    I would be happy to discuss any details with any one interested as I’m sure there will be a high ammount of shared learning on this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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