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    Richard Hart

    Hi All,
    I would appreciate some feedback from members, on the procedure with carrying out small repairs on ceilings with textured coating ( Artex ) when it is presumed to contain non licensed asbestos.
    We are currently in the process if installing smoke/Co alarms, also everyday repairs such as replacing light fittings, and removing old smoke alarms.
    Our operatives are obviously all asbestos awareness and non licenced removal trained, and work to HSE HSG210 asbestos essentials task manual, and sections A26, A27 covers the procedure in full.
    I would ask is this the procedure that you all work to, and suit and boot with facefit mask for every pendant etc that is replaced or removed on a textured ceiling ?
    Then all PPE double bagged and collected by the asbestos removal contractor.
    Thanks and look forward to your thoughts.

    Richard Hart
    Electrical Manager
    South Kesteven District Council

    Paul Simpson

    Hello Richard
    In years gone past we have trained our operatives to enable them to work on non-licensed asbestos including suiting, booting and sealing the room etc however this was stopped for a number years ago when our asbestos manager advised
    1) We could no longer carry double bagged coveralls etc within the vans as that was counted as carrying waste asbestos so would require a carries licence. This was the same with the H Class hoovers
    2) From 2015 the relevant enforcing authority had to be informed of all Notifiable Non-Licensed Work.
    3) We were advised that we would have to start yearly health screening for all operatives who worked on the Non Licensed asbestos for 30 years even after employment finished.
    Generally speaking now if we have any intrusive works where there is artex we will just arrange for a gel and scrape.

    Adrian Sullivan

    Hello Richard

    We train our operatives on a yearly basis, using an external company, to be able to work with non licensed asbestos. This, as you state, includes: suiting and booting, face fitted masks, use of H type hoover (if needed), risk assessments etc, wetting techniques, bagging procedures, PPE.
    As a Local Authority we have a carriers license to carry the waste, using lockable container on the van, consignment notices and this is bought back to our depot where we have a designated lockable waste skip.
    This process is generally used for the works you have mentioned you want to carry out but for bigger jobs we would use a company to either remove the asbestos completely or have an area scraped by them.


    Richard Hart

    Thanks for your replies, It just gets difficult to carry out small jobs cost effectively.
    Thanks again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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