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  • Alan Gibson

    Does anyone carry out regular smoke alarm testing in their domestic properties or do you rely on the Tenant to do this?
    We can prove we test smoke alarms as part of the Yearly CP12 Gas checks and also on the 5 Yearly Electrical checks which leaves all-electric properties without proof of a check for 5 Years.
    Would sending Tenants a letter to check their Alarms regularly be sufficient?
    I would be interested in what other Housing Associations do please?
    Many thanks

    Alexander Carle

    Hi Alan that’s exactly what we do and also at change of tenancy.
    We dont send letters although do have how to test on our website.
    Regards Zander

    Tara Jones

    Hi Alan.
    We carry out an annual Home Safety Check on all of our properties (gas and non-gas) which includes a test of our smoke alarms. We also have information on our website for our residents on what they should and should not do with their alarms.
    Thank you

    Roy Down

    Hi Alan
    We are following the same process as you so tested while completing CP12 and EICR’s, which will include any change of tenancy, instructions on what to do with the detectors are also available on our website and are included within any tenancy welcome packs.
    Many thanks,

    Lesley Marshall

    Hi, we check the smokes alarms when the annual gas safety inspections are carried out. We also test our CO monitors and co2 monitors at the same time.



    Alan, we do the same as you, only exception is the Gas team visit all properties including all electric as we once found someone had installed a gas service !
    There is also guidance on our website & tenants hand book for tenants to test themselves

    Steven Mcgovern

    Hi Alan
    We have our gas team visit annually all properties including electric only to carry out service/health and safety check. If they find that the smoke/heat/carbon or multi detectors are within 12 months they are changed on that visit. We also check on EICRs every 5 years and change of tenancy. We also have guidance on our website on self testing. All expiry dates are recorded on the health and safety check.

    Paul Simpson

    Morning Alan

    Like others we test all alarms annually be that the as part of the gas service or stand alone service for all none gas properties. We will change any alarms that are due to expire within 12 months of the service.

    We then service the alarms every 5 years as part of the DEICR or at void.


    Mike Proudfoot

    Similar to others we test alarms during gas service and have a seperate contract for non gas (we only do one visit) We also have Twitter and Facebook campaigns for ‘Test it Tuesday’ that goes out periodically.
    regards Mike

    Darren Mould

    As some others do, we carry out smoke alarm testing annually on both our gas and non-gas properties using our gas servicing contractors. Tenants are encouraged to test weekly with the recommendation in their tenant handbook.

    Any damaged alarms or those with an expiry date within 12 months picked up at the annual check are replaced by the contractor, which is written into their contract.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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