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    Sterling Howarth

    Hi all,

    What do other associations do to check electrical safety for properties that have a high turnover of tenants or short stays less than 30 days, such as sheltered/supported schemes?

    Our policy is to carry out a complete EICR every 5 years and at the start of every new tenancy, however this seems excessive with the short term/high turnover residencies at some of our schemes.

    We are thinking keeping the 5 year EICR programme in place but training the scheme managers to identify electrical hazards and complete a visual inspection checklist (similar to the electrical safety first landlords interim checklist) at the start of new tenancies at these managed schemes.

    We would instruct that any visually identified defects be resolved by an electrician before hand over and any property with excessive damage would have a full EICR conducted.

    Does anyone else use a similar system for their managed sheltered/supported schemes? How do you control this process when your association does not directly manage the tenancies at those schemes?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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