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    The Landlords and Tenants Act tells us we have to ensure the electrical installation is safe at the beginning of a tenancy and, maintained in that state throughout the tenancy.

    How do we manage this:

    A standard 5 / 10 yearly inspection regime which does not account for multiple tenancy changes?

    A safety visual inspection at the change of each tenancy?

    Could we rely on the tenancy agreement that clearly states the tenant should not carry out any electrical work in the property which therefore means we don’t have to check as we’re covered under the agreement?

    Your views would be great on this one.


    Andy F

    Hi Ryan

    We ensure that a full inspection and test is carried out whenever we are notified that a mutual exchange is to take place. We try and manage this so that the test is carried out on the day the tenant is leaving the property to ensure that it is safe for the incoming tenant.

    The tenant signs a recharge form prior to the exchange taking place so that any defects that have to be corrected as a result of the tenant’s actions can be rectified and charged accordingly.

    All C1 and C2 defects are rectified at the time of the test unless on the rare occasion a full rewire is required. We make the incoming tenant aware of the rewire and carry out the works in due course.


    Richard Hart

    Hi Ryan and Andy
    Mutuals for us have always been a pain, but now we carry out the test following the intial inspection by the lettings team.
    The tenant is informed at the inspection that all non standard light fittings, switches, sockets, wiring will be removed by our electrician, and recharged at a set rate per item, and a disclaimer signed for non council showers etc.


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