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    Ben Milligan

    I seen the following article on the SFHA website (link is at the bottom) and thought it would be good to share here. I think it would be great news to make an electrician a regulated profession. The content of the article is below:

    SELECT, the campaigning trade body for the electro-technical industry in Scotland, has signalled to the Scottish Parliament that it intends to press hard to make the occupation of electrician a regulated profession in the same way that anyone working with gas is currently required by statute to be regulated.

    Presenting the Scottish Committee MSP of the Year Award at The Herald newspaper’s Scottish Politician of the Year event in Edinburgh on the 27th October 2016, SELECT’s Head of External Affairs, David Wright, said that the risk posed to Scotland’s householders increases with every passing year as the number of untrained individuals portraying themselves as ‘electricians’ gets bigger and bigger.

    Commenting on the case for regulation, David Wright commented

    “I’m an economist by training but if I wished, I could start up in business as an electrician tomorrow – but it would not be a good idea.

    “Incredibly, it is not illegal to do that – but we believe that it most certainly should be. So that, when we are in our homes of an evening, we can enjoy the same protection from electrical risks as we currently do from gas faults”.

    Mr Wright said that before Christmas the Minister and the Scottish Government’s ‘Better Regulation’ team will receive a report from SELECT which puts the case for statutory “Regulation of Electrician as a Profession” to bring Scotland into line with other civilised European countries”.

    Moves to Make “Electrician” a Regulated Profession


    Hi Ben,

    There seems to be more people listening in Scotland than other countries, will be great to see if they can actually get this through. I suspect the barriers in place will prevent this from becoming a standard.

    I was in a meeting last week in London with a member of SELECT, lets just say they weren’t as confident as the MP in that article!!


    Ben Milligan

    “In what is being seen as a critical juncture in the campaign by Scotland’s electricians for professional recognition, an MSP has formally raised a motion addressing the issue in the Scottish Parliament.”

    It’s interesting to see where this ends up. The campaign can be followed on twitter @Regulate_SELECT

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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