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  • Richard Hart

    We have been carrying out heating upgrades from solid fuel and storage heaters, to electric radiator heating. we are upgrading to ROINTE kyros radiators, which are fine, but now getting a lot of tenants complaining about the running costs.
    Any ideas or what are you using.
    Many Thanks,

    Paul Simpson

    Hi, we had similar issue when we trailed the Ronite heaters and ended up removing these. New we use the Dimplex Quantum heaters. All tenants have reported savings with running costs.


    I think the idea of the Rointe is good if you’re looking at a property with excellent thermal efficiency, but direct electric heating is always going to be relatively expensive(unless you’ve got PV on the roof) when retrofitting to existing leaky properties, regardless of the efficiency claims. Dimplex Quantums are a good way to go if the budget allows, also there’s the option of the cheaper dimplex (or Newlec, which I think is basically the same as the non quantum dimplex NSHs) which don’t have the same high heat retention.

    Antony Streets

    We have installing Dimplex Quantums for the 8 years and had lots of comments on how good they are and savings on running costs.
    Rointe are ok for the occasionly use. I don’t beleive that are fit for purpose for Social housing. The heater which is, is the Quantum heater. My personal opinion tho.

    Richard Hart

    Thanks for answers , very interesting about Rointe, as tenants complaining about high running costs, even with solar PV.
    Quantum seems to be the answer,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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