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  • John Mercer

    Hi All, has anyone developed any policies or processes for guidance to tenants requesting installation of EV charging they would be willing to share ?
    I would also be interested to know your approach to the following areas 1, customer requests for their own changing point installs 2, communal charging areas 3, fleet & work space 4, development. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Paul Simpson

    Hi John

    1) For customers who requests, we just treat as any other right to improve and are given approval assuming they have a car parking space, the works are completed by a NICIEC contractor and certification provided on completion of works.
    2) No answer on the communal stuff just yet, more of a watch and see
    3) Our next round of vans is likely to be electric
    4) We have been providing the provision for EV charging points for a couple of years now in new builds but have recently amended this so we install the physical charger rather than just the cabling.
    Hope that helps

    Martin Simmonds

    We created a form all residents had to complete when requesting an EV installation, happy to share if you drop me a note to martin.simmonds@stonewater.org

    John Mercer

    Hi Paul, thanks for your response, yes that helps it sounds like a sensible approach to the requests, I am looking to develop a policy specific to EV charging but some of the points I have mentioned are in their infancy and work in progress so to speak.

    John Mercer

    Hi Martin, thanks for your response, that would be great to see what you have captured on your form, I will certainly reach out to you, much appreciated.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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