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    Richard Hart

    Hi All,
    I would appreciate any opinions on this. We are currently in the process of raising a contract to upgrade/replace heating in rural properties with existing solid fuel or storage heaters.
    We have sampled electric radiators from various companies Rointe/Haverlands and Dimlex, but with tenants claiming the electric bills have soared from storage heaters to these electric heaters, I would appreciate any input as to how you upgrade or do you stay with storage heating ? although to comply with eco 20 in jan 2018 that would be a problem.

    South Kesteven District Council

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    David Fawcett

    Hi Richard
    This is one of our biggest complaints the size of the tenants electricity bills in properties with night storage heating. We now have a programme in place each year to target fuel poverty in our older properties by installing Mitsubishi air source heat pumps. I have tried other systems and they only reduce the bills slightly but the feedback from the tenants after air source has been great with up to 40 to 50% reduction in there electricity bills.

    David Fawcett
    Karbon Homes

    Martin Simmonds

    Hi Richard

    We now fit these where possible:

    Martin Simmonds

    Ryan Dempsey

    Morning Chaps,

    This was always a topic of debate in my last employment simply because electrical storage and heating just didn’t seem to be moving forward with the world in terms of developments. The biggest problem we have is trying to control the storage and teaching our tenants how best to manage the outputs after storing the heat (if that makes sense).

    We have all heard tenants telling us that they leave the input at 6 and the output at 6… this simply means full storage is discharged early in the day and then the tenant is required to plug a 2kW heater in in the afternoon, thus increasing the bills.

    There are a number of organisations out there who seem to be telling us they have a solution to this. My preferred products were the electric boiler wet system which is rated at 9kW (can get larger). This is much better than 15kW loads on storage heaters. The other product is the one Martin Suggests above. Dimplex seem to have created a product that uses intelligence to help manage the heat output.

    In terms of regulatory requirements and just as a word of caution. Check regulation 312 of the BS7671 – if you decide to increase the load from the design load which the distributor assumes is still the same, you run the risk of the infrastructure not supporting the consumer load. Only really applies in High or Medium Rise but is definitely something you need to consider if running a new contract to replace old for new.

    Have a great weekend


    Richard Hart

    Thank You for your replies, and yes we have a few air source and ground source systems on test and seem to be going well, so that’s good to hear that you find them efficient David.
    Yes we have fitted Quantum storage heaters in the past, its just the cost of heaters that was a stumbling block, but good feedback.
    The electric boiler wet system sounds good also.
    Perhaps a subject to discuss at the next AESM meetings ?

    Thanks all.
    Richard Hart.

    Paul Simpson


    We have tried both ground source, air source and Rointe heaters. We found the ground source worked well, its just the install cost that was the issues, Air Source tended to struggle in winter and we also had issue with noise level as strictly speaking they need planning permission. The Rointe heater where no good for our properties and we ended up taking them out, these maybe more suited to a new house with high levels on installation.

    In the end we decided to stay with storage heaters for small properties and now install the Quantum heaters, we have had great feed back from customers and generally speaking they tend to save about 25% on there heating bill.

    Richard Hart

    Quantums seem to be the answer, we have had good feedback from them too.
    Met the creda/dimplex rep and they are bringing out a new range of storage heater to meet eco lot 20 in january, like a mini quantum, that needs 2 x supplies like a quantum for the timer controls.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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