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  • Mitchel Seymour

    Hi All,

    If we have had a Void property and an EICR not due till next year, but then had some work done like an induction Hob installed with a new run of cable should we do another EICR or is minor works certificate adequate?

    Mike Proudfoot

    We do a new EICR on every change of tenancy and my understanding is that this is a requirement (to ensure the overall safety of the electrical installation for the incoming tenant)

    Paul Garland

    As with Mike Proudfoot, we do an EICR on every void and would complete a minor works or installation certificate for any repairs that are required.

    Paul Simpson

    Hi Mitchel
    Surprised you’re not completing a DEICR on change of tenancy as though that was pretty standard.

    The only time we may not complete a full DEICR is where a change of tenancy occurs after less than 12 months. For these we say a visual inspection would be allowed if the previous test certification is available for the electrician to see at the time of test and they can then make a judgement.

    If any electrical repairs/works are completed then we would expect some kind of certification even if void.

    Hope that helps

    Mitchel Seymour

    Hi All,

    Thanks for your comments. @Paul Simpson we do carry out EICR on every property before change of tenancy. But one was done 4 years ago and has been a void since but since then we have installed new induction Hobs and the Housing association we work along with are happy to just have a minor works certificate but I would suggest a new EICR so was just curious how other associations went around this

    Nancy Esslemont

    Really helpful comments as always – thanks evryone! – below confirmation from Chris Edwards, our Electrical Technical Safety Manager –

    The Landlord and Tenant Act places an obligation on the landlord to demonstrate that they have provided a property that is fit for human habitation at the beginning of a tenancy, and this is the main driver for voids to be automatically tested
    Best practice ,ref the Landlord and Tenants Act, indicates an EICR should be completed in these circumstances to demonstrate condition and resetting the date for the cyclical EICR.

    NB BS7671 states that a minor works cert is intended to be used for additions and alterations to an installation that do not extend to the provision of a new circuit. Therefore the above outlined work should be completed on an Electrical Installation Certificate.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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