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  • Nancy Esslemont

    Request from Martin Simmonds at Dudley MDC to all members –
    please would you advise on the following:-
    • What manufacturer of consumer unit do you use?
    • Do you use RCBO’s for each circuit?
    • Do you fit SPD?
    All information gratefully received!

    Kevin Vella

    Hi Martin, we used to fit RCBO’s prior to 18th edition when AFDD’s came about. BS7671 states “use of AFDD’s should be considered” i dont know how we can consider the use of them(particularly in high rise and sheltered schemes) and then not use them. We at Forhousing are fitting Wylex board complete with 6 x single module AFDD’s and integral SPD, if additional AFDD’s are required these can be purchased separate. hope this helps. Kev Vella

    Stephen Harrington

    Hi, we have started to install these as a very specific upgrade, primarily for any case of a timber frame construction, in these buildings we have sockets set into stud partitions, with potential breaches of compartmentation commonplace. We are installing intumescent putty, as well as a new consumer unit which installs AFDDs. Having considered them, you cannot then turn back the clock.


    Thanks, I could do with as many responses as possible please

    Robert Davies

    Hi. We are currently using Hager for all our new consumer unit. Using RCBOS for all circuits and SPD as well. Installing A type as a minimum moving away from old AC RCDS and RCBOs. Will be interesting to see what will make it in from the draft amendment 2 as AFFDs could be required for the majority of circuits.

    Alan Gibson

    We install Wylex SPD/RCBO boards. We don’t install AFFD’s yet.

    Paul Garland

    We use Wylex, install SPD’s in all new consumer units and rewires. We also fit AFDD/RCBO’s to Shower and Cooker circuits and RCBO’s to all other circuits. I’d like to see the price of AFDD/RCBO’s come down before it’s compulsory in the next amendment.

    Paul Simpson

    We are not currently installing AFDD & Surge Protection unless there is already a lighting conductor fitted. As other have said this may change with amendment 2. Currently fit RCBOs in all new builds and split load for day to day. This will be reviewed next year.

    Jamie Burton

    Hi All,

    We currently don’t fit SPD,s or AFDDs . Our current specification is Crabtree Starbreaker single pod RCBOs.

    Regards Jamie

    Paul Purkis

    We currently use Crabtree Starbreaker, and fit individual RCBO’s. We don’t currently install AFFD’s yet.

    Saj Ahmed

    Hi All,

    We currently fit Wylex high integrity Dual RCD boards with SPD’s. However if upgrade works are being carried out to a flat of any type we install Wylex with SPD and individual AFDD’s/RCBO’s.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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