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  • Paul Simpson


    We are struggling to recruit electricians at the moment as I’m sure many others are, we have reviewed our salary’s but this has still not helped. I’m been told however that part of the problem is that we are insisting on the applicants having their AM2 qualifications (as well as NVQ Level 3). Apparently its the AM2 that,s causing the issues

    I know its about proving competency but do you take on new electricians without there AM2 ?

    I guess it would be also good to know if you have any magic tricks for recruiting new electricians ?

    Thanks for your help

    Alan Gibson

    When we recruit we ask Electricians who have completed a full apprenticeship {not a 3 week domestic installer course} .
    AM2 and 2391 etc are preferred but not essential.
    I would make it specific to the actual job role i.e. Reactive, Voids, Investment works, K&B Electrician and not use words like technician or engineer if it for a domestic electrician role.
    It is difficult to find goo electricians at present so a good wage and job package helps a great deal.

    Christian Jones

    You could always take them on then train them up to AM2. A good practical test as part of the job interview helps when it comes to testing like an EICR with lots of errors and they have to find them, but also talk you through what they have identified.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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