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    Good Afternoon,

    I hope everyone is well.

    Over the last few months I have been speaking with the industry to try and get the AESM represented at a National Level. Our aim is to have a voice in these committees which we can use to provide factual feedback prior to any agreements that would have previously impacted on the way we work.

    I am pleased to confirm that we are now part of the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS) committee.

    EAS –

    The minimum requirements for an enterprise (eg, contractor) to be recognised by a certification body as competent to undertake electrical installation work, (design, construction, installation and verification) in England and Wales. It includes the minimum technical competence requirements for enterprises to be considered competent to carry out electrical installation work in dwellings in accordance with Part P of the building regulations.

    I will have further updates on other key committees in the near future as we increase our voice in the industry.

    I appreciate some members may not want to be involved at that level, please let me know if you WOULD like to be involved in these committees as a representative of AESM and I will make a note of your name. Over the next few months we will create a board to manage these meetings.

    Any questions please get in touch

    Best regards

    Andrew Steen

    Afternoon Ryan
    Yes please A1 Housing would be delighted to be involved in a board of representatives from AESM that would drive electrical compliances and competence criteria forwards in the national domain.
    Both Andy Norman and myself would like to be considered please contact us when the time dictates
    Andy Steen

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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