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Carl Traynor


We’ve had similar issues to everyone else. We recently started mirroring gas and it’s been very successful. We currently only have 2 properties out of 13500 going to court for failed access to carry out an EICR. Where we’ve managed to gain brief access rather than a few hours we’ve taken photos and issued a Visual Condition Report with limited lifespan that’s then followed with an EICR. Further failed access will go legal. We figured a VCR is better than nothing at all although we have only issued two dozen or so, it’s a limited option we use.
We issue NTI & NSP lettered appointments, these seem to have a big effect. We also stick labels on the front door as well as the usual no access cards. The labels tend to be seen as a nuisance so seem to generate subsequent access, they do come off eventually!
Engaging with the local housing officer also helps a lot as well as tying the EICR to any other appointments the property may raise, especially any type of emergency.

It’s not easy.