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Good Morning,

When I reviewed a specification for Housing Leeds I consulted the Gas Compliance team on the correct use etc of CO detection in properties. After discussions the following was added into the specification.

Please be mindful that this is now 9 months old and you will need to review your own portfolio 0to see if this would fit.

Hope it helps.

13.05 CO Detection
Properties with gas appliances shall have CO detection installed in all rooms where open flue and solid fuel appliances are installed.
It is accepted that the detection units used can be smoke and CO integrated units.
CO detection must not be installed in rooms where cooking appliances are in or could be in use (ie – Kitchens).
ALL detectors installed in properties must have a push to test button and have the installation date clearly marked on the rear of the units.
The contractor, will be required to manage the repairs during the warranty periods.