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Andy F

It’s a great post Ben.

I send back EICR’s on a regular basis for a variety of reasons, mostly for the reasons you have stated but also if things are a bit vague.
I recently carried out an audit for our leaseholder team to what documents they held and they do exactly what you describe by just looking to see if the report is satisfactory or not. Unfortunately for them, they had a load with F/I on but marked as satisfactory in which I had to inform them that it wasn’t satisfactory and that they needed to resolve the issues identified.
It would be great to have some clear guidance on this subject.

I also get reports where the contractor will put the incorrect wiring references and therefore make the report unsatisfactory. I’d like to know where we stand after I’ve sent them back to the contractor telling them the reasons why it should be satisfactory but we fail to receive a new report to this effect.