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I want to be able to say that if your process and back office is flawless and you can demonstrate you’ve attempted to gain access multiple times to check for deterioration etc. that you would be fine. Unfortunately there are far too many variables that would come into play if an accident did happen.

For example:

The HSE will want ALL records for the property. If you’ve had multiple call outs for loss of electricity to the property on repairs but failed to gain access on cyclical servicing. You KNOW there is an issue in the property and therefore have to gain access to fix. if you don’t the finger will be pointed directly at you.

On the other hand, if you have had no repairs for years and you can’t gain access for cyclical servicing, it would be easier to justify that you were unaware of any faults.

The key to electrical safety management is to try and find ways to have full visibility of what happens in and around your assets. Not always easy I know but a starting point is to get buy in from all departments.