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Mark Fort

Thanks Peter, be interested to hear your feedback from the presentation, we are using the software alongside capita also and for the LGSR i believe it works quite well, in reality its a one page document and if there is mistakes its not too much of a hassle to fill out a paper copy and scan it into SharePoint.

It’s our documents EICR’s EIC’s that cause part of the issue, being so long winded and giving so many opportunity’s to make a mistake and without being able to go back and amend the pdf or convert the information back to the digital TM form without starting from scratch is where the issue is with it.

Cheers Carl, again that’s interesting feedback i can use as obviously NICEIC software is one of the avenues we were looking to explore, i’ve Been on annual leave this week so when i get back i’ll Have a discussion around C365 and keep an eye on your progress, hopefully get down to have a look if its going to be an option for us, really appreciate it!!