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Nancy Esslemont

This is already becoming a common question among AESM members and , as there is scant evidence of many issues with overvoltage surges in the last few years, a number of organisations are reviewing the total value of the installation and equipment to determine if such protection is necessary. The need for SPDs will depend on many differing factors. These include the level of exposure of a building to lightning-induced voltage transients, the sensitivity and value of the equipment, the type of equipment used within the installation, and whether there is equipment within the installation that could generate voltage transients.
As the demand for higher spec technical equipment – 4k TVs and high spec audio equipment – grows, some organisations are recommending contractors at least ‘offer’ this option.
In order to make informed decisions it would be good to know to what degreee members have experienced over voltage surges.
In light of this we will shortly be emailing all members and associates to ask this specific question and will discuss the results at this Spring’s AESM Technical meetings – keep a look out for your email!”