JIB launches ECS Registered Electrician status

The JIB has introduced a new Registered Electrician status for electricians who hold ECS cards in Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

Operated via the ECS card scheme, the new status will be available to all ECS Installation and Maintenance Electrician cardholders who are qualified in the current (17th) edition of the BS7671 Wiring Regulations.

This new status has been introduced by the JIB to raise standards across the industry and recognise electricians who are qualified to NVQ Level 3 and the current British Standard for electrical installation.

For a cardholder, becoming a Registered Electrician means they can get a well-deserved endorsement for their professionalism and skills, stand out amongst their peers and get a valuable boost to their status and credibility across the industry.

For electrical contractors, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that their electrical workforce is up-to-date on the latest industry technology developments and is committed to maintaining this level of professionalism.
For those who wish to become an ECS Registered Electrician, applicants must already meet the criteria for an ECS Installation or Maintenance Electrician. They must also hold the current edition of the Wiring Regulations and, finally, they must agree to a Code of Professional Practice, which includes a commitment to Continuing Professional Development.

Also launched recently by the JIB is a new system that allows clients and main contractors to verify the skills of electrical staff.

ECS Check is an online portal that provides instant information on the ECS cardholder status of those personnel sent to work on any particular site. Electrical contractors can also use the system to showcase their workforce during tenders or projects, highlighting the skills and qualifications of their team.

This new service, available across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, has been introduced to give clients confidence that their contracts are being carried out by fully qualified electrical personnel.

Steve Brawley, chief executive of the JIB, spoke at the recent AESM Technical Meeting to outline ECS Registered Electrician and ECS Check to members. “”The JIB is keen to work with the AESM to maximise the potential use of ECS Check to the benefit of AESM members and their clients,” he said.

“ECS Check provides for the first time a window to view the skills and qualifications of each member of the electrical workforce. We can tailor the system to suit the needs of different clients and we look forward to engaging with the AESM to mutual benefit.”

To find out more visit www.registeredelectrician.uk