AESM Technical Meetings

The AESM Electrical Forums meet regularly to discuss key industry issues, establish benchmarks and share best practice. Members also learn about the latest products and services available within the sector.

The Forums provide an excellent platform for

  • delegates to network with their peer group to share their expertise and knowledge
  • to help establish best practice
  • to learn about the latest developments in regulations
  • to hear from suppliers to the sector with new products and innovations.

The Agenda for the AESM Electrical Forum on 22 March 2016 was:-

  • Mutual Exchanges – Can we do these smarter with the time scales given or do we firm up the legalities ensuring tenants and landlords fully understand the risks?
  • Rewires Criteria – When to rewire a property and what should the criteria be. Do we base this on time alone meaning we sometimes fix something that isn’t broke?
  • No Access – Legal processes and best practice when dealing with difficult tenants who don’t understand our responsibility or their own
  • Frequency of inspections – Contrary to popular believe there is no set frequency.. You can test every 5 years but if you have a sound management in place you can also test every 10 or longer!!
  • Innovation and Renewables – Is anyone looking at Solar now the feed in tariff has reduced and are we looking at other sources (waste water recycling etc)

The dates for the next AESM Electrical Forum are:

Location  2017 Dates
Shropshire 9th November
Hertfordshire 23rd November